1st Hammock camp

Five of the 6th Bangor Scout troop went the Morne mountains on Friday 13th with our DC and two leaders, we were joined on the second day by our GSL & two of our explorers. The hike details can be found here.


Upon our return we started erecting our tarps and hammocks the scouts did a great job considering none of them had done it before.
After a wee fire to warm the air it was bed time, and by 2230 everyone including leaders were comfortably swinging between the trees 2ft off the ground.

On Sunday morning we had French toast for breakfast and then went for a wee dander in Tullymore, stopping by the stepping stones for scouts own.
Then it was back to camp to cook some burgers for lunch and pack up. All were returned safely home by 1530.

6th Bangor Scout Website

1470342_10152094013717594_1314245710_n[1]If you have been given a peace crane, and been directed to this website, WELCOME.

We want our Scouts, and young people from Bangor Parish to add to the website, upload content and help shape the website. We are looking for 4 or 5 people to start to create, plan and then design and make our content that everyone can view.

Our first two challenges are to help design a badge for the World Jamboree and alongside this is to see who can create the peace crane in the most original way (both by the end of January)

We invite young people to add ideas, designs, pictures, logos to this website by sending them to peterneilwilson@hotmail.com

Get creative people!


World Scout Jamboree in Japan

The last time 6th Bangor Scouts sent any Scouts to the World Jamboree was in the 1950’s.

For 2015 in Japan, there are currently three people attending –

Peter Wilson as Northern Ireland Contingent Unit Leader;

Lewis Joyce (Scout);

Caroline Barr (Scout)

A big congratulations to all who applied and those selected – can we pull together as a Group and help with fundraising to help get them there.


New Badges

The new ‘Lest we Forget’ badge has been designed for wearing on the Scout Uniform.

On the Scout / Explorer shirt it is to be positioned above the pocket. Squirrels, Beavers and Cubs will put it above the World Membership Badge (Purple round one).

This badge has been paid for by the group to raise funds for the Scout Memorial Project.

See this link for more details http://www.tsmp.org.uk/


2015 World Scout Jamboree

The 2015 World Scout Jamboree will be held in Japan and shortly the Scout Association will be looking for people to attend. You must be aged between 16-18 at the time of the event (July 2015) and attend a selection process.

It is estimated that it will cost about £3000, but will be the trip of a lifetime. If any Explorers from Dufferin are looking to attend, or thinking about it, we will help with fundraising towards the cost of the trip.


Dufferin Explorers venture abroad

Three Explorers from Dufferin Explorers (part of 6th Bangor Group) have been selected to partake in the Explorer Belt, a two week hike around Belgium in teams to learn about the country, the people and the culture.

Jack Wilgar, Paddy Harrison and Tom McClelland will be hiking 160km with limited money and full packs, completing projects and meeting local people along the way.